Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life Lessons from Maisey

As most of you know I teach a class of children with disabilities. I have a class of 12 students this year and they share a total of 4 different classifications including learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism, and communication disorder. I have one little girl I'll call Maisey with down syndrome. This is my third year teaching Maisey and I have learned a lot from her. Lately she has been creating sentences from her spelling words. As I have read these I have found bits of wisdom and humor that I thought you might enjoy. I will pass on bits of Maisey's wisdom and good humor in my blogs as they come from her.
The first profound bit of wisdom came from a sentence in which she used the word "usually". She wrote "Usually I smell okay." I got a good chuckle out of this thought. I have never really pondered too much the way I smell. It's just one of those things that you try to take care of in the morning and then go on your way and never give it another thought. I realized that indeed Maisey did usually smell okay and that this brought her a great deal of comfort and pride. Good for you Maisey!
The second bit of wisdom that Maisey passed along came when she wrote a sentence using the word "playground". She wrote "I go to the mean Barbie playground." I realized that we all have spent some time on the mean Barbie playground throughout our lives. I have learned some of life's most valuable lessons while in the midst of some mean Barbies. I am glad to say that now, in my old age, I choose not to spend much if any time with the mean Barbies either in their playgroung or anywhere else for that matter.
I hope that you will enjoy the life lessons to be gained by and through Maisey!


Kristy said...

I wish there were no mean Barbies. If only Maisey could look ahead and realize that those mean Barbies usually grow up to be fat, ugly Barbies

Jenifer said...

What a gem that Maisey is. We could all learn alot from her!

Jim said...

I would often try to teach those mean Barbies to be nice, only to be made fun of by Ken and his fancy car!

I hated that Ken Doll...