Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Week of Pure Fun!

I just spent a week with the Lovells in California. We left a week ago Friday and made our way to Las Vegas. It was quite interesting trying to explain the city of sin to the kids. We told Lucy that we would have to cover her eyes if we saw any of the girls that dressed immodestly. Well, if you know Lucy you will understand the worry and consternation that this caused her. I'm sure that she thought that if her little eyes happened on any of these floosies she would immediately lose her sense of sight. Her little eyes kept darting about and she would ask "Is that one of the immodest girls?" over and over again. We must have been a sight walking into our hotel with three kids with their pillows practically over their heads so that they would not have to inhale any smoke.
We then headed to California. We spent Sunday with Jim and Kate. It was so nice to see them again and they were so gracious to let us stay with them and to also get us into Disneyland gratis. Kate looks great and ready to have the baby at any time. Jim also looks great and is ready to be a wonderful dad.
On Monday we headed to Lego Land. This had been a dream of Henry's. After all, he does subscribe to the magazine and is a religious reader of all things Lego. Well, and I apologize in advance to any Lego Land lovers, Lego Land bites. I think that we and the 10 other families that were there were through with all that we wanted to see in the first hour. The only thing that could have been a bigger disappointment was if we had bought a 2 day passport!
The next two days were spent in Disneyland. The truth be known, I do think it's the happiest place on earth. I LOVE DISNEYLAND! Frankie was a kick. He was patiently pushed from place to place, stood in line, and went on almost every ride with the same reaction. We would ask, "Frankie, how did you like that ride?" to which he would answer "Good".The most reaction we got out of him was when he had a death grip on Jeff and me on the Tower of Terror. Still when he got off he said it was "Good".
All in all it was a wonderful trip. The weather was perfect. It was hard to come home except I missed my Guy terribly as well as the rest of my family.