Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chilling with Calvin

Calvin and I spent some time together this week. One and a half year olds are so much fun. We sat outside and he just walked and walked, not far, just around the patio. It was great exploring. He picked up tiny rocks, leaves, twigs and brought them to me to join in his adventure hunting. Then he would toddle off to the swingset for a turn down the slide. Big doings for such a little man. I love the spring when life seems to slow down just a bit and a few afternoon hours can be spent just enjoying the little things.
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Dancing with Frankie

Last week I got to watch Frankie while the rest of the family was busy. We had a great time playing and eating treats. Then I put on some music and Frankie started shaking his little bottom and moving his feet and doing that great three year old dance. Well, he started laughing and if you know Frankie you know that he has one of the greatest laughs ever. Then I started dancing and laughing with him. There we were a three year old and his grandma just having the time of our lives. I am learning more and more that the essence of life is not the great big memories but the small everyday moments that bring joy. And after all, everything is better with a three year old.

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