Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day- The End of Summer

Labor Day is such a bitter-sweet day. While yes, it is a holiday and another three day weekend, it also represents to me as a teacher the end of my favorite time of year. I have just completed two and a half months of wonderful summer vacation. We didn't go on a trip or have any grand vacations but it was just so much fun. From watching grandchildren run through the sprinklers, to sleepovers, to swimming, to family get togethers, to spending time with the family, it was just a fun summer.
Now, with Labor Day here and marking the first of September, all that has changed. While the start of school holds its own excitement with the smell of new school supplies, kids in new clothes, and the faces of children ready to learn we all must face the fact the another summer is gone. With fall a reality sets in. It marks a passage of time. Routine and work take center stage. (Woah! I waxed poetic and it was quite a downer if I do say so myself!) Any who, have a great farewell to summer. Help it go out with a bang even with the threat of hurricanes and thunderstorms. Have a final lemonade or run through your shower in lew ot the sprinklers but take summer out with a bang!