Friday, May 16, 2008

Helping the Homeless

Some time ago I decided to put a garland up around our front door. It gave our entryway a touch of class and I knew that it would be fun to change it with the change of seasons. In the winter I put up some ivy and gold stars, in the spring I had cherry blossoms and greenery, summer time brought some beautiful hydrangeas, and then in the fall came the beautiful fall foliage with the fruit and berries. Well, my changing of the garland came to a halt one fall when a family of finches moved into our doorway. They made a nest by the light and moved in for the winter. Needless to say, I couldn't change the greenery and leave these little critters homeless so the fall garland stayed up all winter and well into the spring. When spring came we heard the little chirping of new babies and sure enough a new family was created. For years now the fall garland has stayed up year long. I promise that it is not due to laziness on my part but for being a sucker when it comes to the thought of leaving our finches without a home. I just can't bear the thought of them filling out forms, government workers coming out to see if they really qualify for low income housing, or thinking of the young ones living out of some spare branch somewhere with no permanent address. So when you come to our home you will see the fall garland around our door no matter the time of year. And if you are lucky enough you will hear the sounds of our new family residing just above our front door.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A tag from Shannon

How to play this game of tag. Post these rules on your blog. List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
First, my 3 joys (in no particular order). I am finding emense joy in this spring. I love warm weather and the beauy that spring brings. My next joy is my family. From my great husband to my kids to my grandkids to my mom, sibs, and so on, I love my family. Third, I find great joy in teaching children. Kids are so forgiving and they are a riot sometimes.
Now, my 3 fears. I'm afraid that this is the best that our country will be for a very long time. Next I'm afraid of that I'll die and then other people will find out how dirty my house is. Third, I'm afraid that I haven't made enough of my life (but that's a whole other blog).
Three of my goals as of right now are to exercise more, read the scriptures more, and show more gratitude to all those around me.
Three of my current obsessions are scrapbook supplies. I love getting new papers, stamps, stamp pads, and embellishments. I would also consider my being a fan of James Taylor an obsession. I can listen to his CDs over and over and never get tired of them. Another obsession/collection is children's books.
Now for my random facts. I am a counter. I count things all the time in my head. Things like the exits until I reach my destination, the # of steps to a place, or seconds on hold on the phone. I also like to window shop on line. I really never buy things on line, I just like looking. An finally, I memorize song liyrics a lot. I love to sing along to songs.
Now that I spilled my guts I tag Mandy, Kristy, Beth, Kari, and Jen.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random Mother's Day Thoughts

It's the day before Mother's Day. This is my least favorite holiday of the year. It's the day when all of my guilt of bad mothering comes crashing down on me. All of the accolades that are given in church don't help either. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom. I have 4 wonderful children that I feel grew up in spite of me. If they really wanted to celebrate mother's day they would have free day at every spa, all of the calories would miraculously fall out of treats, and we would have an entire day of lounging around watching T.V., reading, and talking. Now that, my friend, is an ideal Mother's Day. I do want to say happy Mother's Day to my mom. She's amazing!