Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sydni and Owen Sleep Over

Syd and Owen slept over on Friday night. I was just one of those spontaneous things. I love having the grand kids over. The evening and morning events went a little bit as follows (literary freedoms might have been taken by the writter). On Friday night we got home just in time for dinner. Did we just have a "dinner"? NO! Syd and I had to be the cafe cooks and serve pancakes to Grandpa and Owen. Sometimes I cooked and other times Syd cooked. Delicious pancakes! We then all went downstairs and watched Nanny McFee. Owen's burning question was "When will she get pretty?" On Saturday morning while I was getting ready for the day Owen decided that just putting a puzzle together wasn't enough of a challenge so he dumped every puzzle together and mixed up the pieces. Then we spent 30 to 40 minutes sorting the pieces. While Owen, Grandpa, and I were anxiously engaged in our sorting activity Syd had covered a glass jar with paper, decorated it with Easter stickers, punched holes in the top so that we could have a "tea" party. We all sat around the coffee table and had orange mango soda and marshmallows. These are the times that I'll remember. Of all the places I could be and of all the people I could be with, I'd chose to be in my home with the people I love. I LOVE MY FAMILY!


Shannon said...

I love your blog. Being a grandma is the very best and even more fun is sharing the same cute little lovell grandkids. I loved your comments and think all of your grandkids and just special.