Monday, February 25, 2008

Family Bragging

Aren't grand kids the best. For one thing they are always excited to see you, what a boost to the ego. Second, you get to joint the ranks of old people that always say and really mean, "My grand kids are the cutest and smartest kids in the world." Guy and I have been blessed with wonderful kids and grand kids. Luckily our kids are much smarter parents than we ever were. Henry just celebrated his 8th birthday and will be baptized this coming Saturday- we're proud of you. Syd will also turn 8 this year, she is doing well at school and is our family's social butterfly. Lucy is full of sunshine and is soooooo ready for kindergarten this year- I hope her teacher is ready for her. Owen is the strong silent type. He is a handsome five year old who enjoys puzzles, gameboy, and not being in the spotlight. Franklin is our resident sparkling two year old. He is very busy, funny, and in to everything. He is quick with a smile and a hug. Calvin is a beautiful one year old. I have never seen any kid who is prouder of everything that they do than Calvin is. We are truly blessed.


j&k lovell said...

YEAH!!!! I am so glad you finally made a post. Just so you know you have been tagged. Go to my blog to find out what you have to do. Love you.